Studying N4 Japanese (with Carlos)

Lately, I’ve been trying to actually get the ball rolling on the Japanese studies. I learned most of my Japanese by osmosis, really. So I thought it would be a good idea to go back to the basics and really hunker down on the grammar.

This is the book I’ve been studying with:

Let me tell you, this book has been a joyride. If my French textbooks in Canada were half as interesting, I would probably be pretty fluent too.

But seriously. In the textbook, there’s this dude (translation: sexpat) Carlos who’s new in Japan and it follows his life (and a few other characters) whilst he’s trying to learn Japanese and adapt to the country.

So far, all I know is Carlos is into futsal and he seems to be gunning for this girl Noriko like a true foreigner in Japan.

(This kid is a bit of a tool if you ask me)

Except the first time, he gets stood up.

And in a all-too-relatable scene further into the textbook, we see Carlos at it again shooting his shot.

“The First Date”

EXCEPT IT WASN’T (according to Noriko)

“Noriko just thinks of Carlos as a friend.”


I’m completely invested in the Carlos’ love story now. This is a much better story than Singapore Social.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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