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Get Your American Fixes at Rich Garden

Just northwest of the Dotonbori river near Namba is where many of us know of "Amerikamura", which is the Japanese interpretation of Little America.

There are lots of vintage clothing stores, hobby shops, and western restaurants (and recently more just "foreign foods" on the outskirts of the area).

Of course, when we think of America, it has to be the Hamburgers.

There's no shortage of burger joints in this area, but I'm going to introduce one here called Rich Garden.

It's a small little burger, sandwich and pancake joint. They also have sides like loaded fries and nachos which is what I highly recommend here:

At the time of writing this, Japan is still recovering from some potato shortage, so they replaced the side of fries with salad and nuggets with the burgers and sandwich.

But what's really great about this place is the HUGE MENU they have. Absolute paradise for those of you who love choices but absolute hell for those of us who are indecisive. Haha.

I forgot to take a photo of the menu the two times I have been here, but you can check out other people's photos on the google maps pin under "menu".

Here's how their Bacon Cheeseburger looks:

Unfortunately the bacon is what I affectionately call "facon" (fake bacon), which is basically what Japanese people think it's bacon but it's just ham. That's sort of the only downside. But the burger patty is extremely juicy and delicious.

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