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Mont Blanc Speciality Shop in Kyoto

There are tons of amazing cafes in Kyoto, serving up sweets and coffee, but if you're looking for something a bit more unique and you're a chestnut lover - I recommend trying this delicious Mont Blanc.

Chestnuts are quite a seasonal ordeal in the autumn. It's not unusual to find chestnut featured drinks at a local Starbucks or Tully's, and sweets shops might serve up some chestnut flavours for a limited time.

But here, at 和栗専門店 紗織 (Traditional Chestnut Specialty store Saori), you can have Mont Blanc all year round to satisfy your chestnut cravings.

They only serve up Mont Blancs at this shop, and each patron needs to order one serving - so be hungry to eat!

I was with two of my friends and we each ordered a different type of Mont Blanc. They had two kinds of Mont Blanc with different types of chestnuts (a Kyoto regional and a general local one), featuring one seasonal fruit. This time it was peaches. They had a blueberry one that was available only at that location but unfortunately, they were sold out.

Then there's the normal menu of just the mont blanc with the different chestnut types.

I got the general local type of chestnut, and my friends and I agreed that it was a tad bit less sweet. Which we all preferred because the portions were quite big, and the taste can get overwhelming after a few bits.

Luckily the cake does come with a drink - a choice of regional teas, coffee or juice. And a palette cleanser that's savory to drink.

I'm personally not a huge fan of chestnuts and despise the textures of really heavy mont blanc cakes, but I thoroughly enjoyed the cake. The chestnuts were extremely smooth and creamy, and the fruits plus a bit of cream and meringue on the inside helps to balance out everything!

Very much recommended.

Just before serving the mont blanc, you also have a chance to film the chestnut paste being put on the plate.

An overall fun experience.

I went to the location at Kyoto Station inside the Isetan, but I know there is also one by Ninensaka in Gion where you can just watch the process of them making it without buying anything. You know, for the 'gram 🤣

Because they aren't cheap. One cake with a "pairing drink" can run you up to 3000 yen. A fun, unique experience if you have the money to spare!

What do you think? Would you try it??

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