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Jonan-gu Shrine in Early Spring (Photo Blog)

Hi, today I just wanted to share with you some photos I took in Kyoto at Jonan-gu. They have a huge plum garden with tsubaki flowers (yes, like the shampoo brand!). It was my first time there and I was genuinely surprised at how photogenic it was!

It is a bit of a trek from the closest Keihan station.

15 minutes walk! Let's gooooo...

There wasn't really much along the way to see. The area was very residential along main stretches of road that connected two toll roads. A few love hotels for drivers who need a place to... well.. rest. lol.

And soon, we were at the entrance.

Since everyone was trying to get a glimpse of the garden on a weekend, there were LOTS of people. Staff warned people to keep their distance and to be careful walking through with the amount of people inside. And there was a loudspeaker on repeat telling visitors that there's no toilets once you head inside.

Through most of the path, it was mostly this busy. But the good thing is that the path gives everyone a good view and great angles to photograph without seeing the crowd. It was only around this part of the garden that you wouldn't be able to photograph without having people in your pictures.

My other photos were very must free of people:

Well... other than taking a selfie of myself of course:

I look tired and angry because of crowds, I promise. Not because of the beautiful scenery haha.

Anyway, this other section is really the main event:

Absolutely stunning garden if you can time your visit correctly. I highly recommend coming here. It's definitely crowded but unlike other attractions and spring viewing spots, you can still get lots of great photos here without other tourists in your way!

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