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A new Hong Kong-style cafe in town! 源元食堂 (Minamoto HK) in Osaka, Japan.

I'm seriously loving the fact that my plea for Hong Kong foods have been answered! Low and behold - another cha chaan teng (茶餐廳) has entered the chat!

Just in case we need a refresher for those new to my blog, a cha chaan teng is basically a Hong Kong cafe that offers cheap eats. These are usually opened all day, serving a variety of different set meals on rotation depending on the time of day. It's like a McDonalds but with rices and noodles - not potatoes and burgers. For breakfast, a HK cafe would offer soup noodles and toast sets. Lunch would be heavier stir fried rice and noodle dish sets. Dinner will include lunch offerings plus stone plate grilled meat sets. It depends on the cafe though, but most cafes follow this type of style.

I actually have a comprehensive list of Hong Kong foods in Japan (not limited to cafes), so please check it out if you want to try any of these places in Kansai or Kanto near you!

Anyway, back to this place! I found this place out of pure luck when I was going through instagram. The Japan HK community seems really tight knit and supportive of each other, so it's not usually that hard to find a indirect link to a store or shop.

outside of the restaurant

ticket machine to buy food
You can purchase food through this ticket machine like a ramen shop.

sign outside of the store front

To my utmost surprise, it was actually REALLY close to Namba. I immediately wanted to try it out.

But unfortunately they only open from 11:30 to 17:30 and not for dinner, so it's been hell trying to find the time to go... since I can't go after work. Bah.

And I honestly wish they did.

Their food is actually really good!!

I tried their satay beef instant noodle (you can customize it and change the noodle type, and also add toppings like an egg or luncheon meat), milk tea and their egg tarts.

hong kong style milk tea

satay beef instant noodles

egg tarts

The food did take quite a while to come out, as we did have a full house at the restaurant during golden week, but it was worth the wait! The highlight is the egg tart. They sold for 280 yen each, but they are all freshly made. Best of all, it's the cookie crust egg tarts. Many egg tarts are made with pastry puff recently but I definitely prefer the cookie crust egg tarts - which is a more traditional type that's harder to find.

The milk tea is milkier than I'd like. I personally still like the one from Hong Kong Keshyoku more as it has more tea taste though it may be more bitter for some people.

Otherwise, a solid new addition to the Hong Kong cafe scene here!

I hope they can do well here.

Have you been here yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know!!

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