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Hong Kong Style Cafe Food in Osaka (港式茶餐廳 - 大阪)

Updated: May 4, 2023

If you know me, then you know that I am Cantonese and I am always hunting for a taste of home in the land of the rising sun. I’ve done mini rants about how “bad” Chinese food here in Japan, but I think recently there has been a bit of a surge in Cantonese food filling the void.

In Namba, Sweets Dynasty has made it into the department store of Takashimaya. I tried this restaurant when I was in Tokyo when they had the Pokémon bubble tea (just before the height of the bubble tea phase). It has some decent small bites, drinks and congee to satisfy a craving but still overall lacking.

But to be fair, it is suppose to be a SWEETS shop... so maybe their sweets are better?

Anyway, today I just want to talk about Hong Kong Style Cafes in Osaka! I actually have talked about this place before in a previous blog ranting about the lack of Cantonese food, but I want to do a proper review of one particular place...


香港軽食 Hong Kong Keshyoku

These photos I have are of their old location by Kujo, but they have now since moved to their new location in Nipponbashi, very close to the Sakaisuji subway exit! It's much more convenient now!!!

The restaurant in the back. Take the tiny little entryway on the right of the picture to head inside.

Order your food at the cash register, pay and then take a seat. The food will be delivered to you at your table if you're eating in. Once you're done, just leave your plates & things at the table and leave. Very simple kind of place. Typical HK Style Cafe setup. Haha.

The first time I went, I tried a dim sum dish, milk tea and their egg tarts.

I would pass on the dim sum, but their drinks are very on point. Definitely get a drink there!

Their egg tart uses a cookie crust and not the puff pastry crust, which is actually the more traditional Hong Kong style egg tarts (these days most bakeries use the puff pastry crust)... but they also add sugar crystals on top for added crisp, and I find it a bit unusual. It's not bad though!

My second visit, I decided to try their BBQ Pork with rice. And a milk tea, of course.

Guys, let me tell you... this is the best BBQ Pork I've had in awhile. And I've been looking. I tried a couple of places in Kobe, but a lot of them taste like pork cardboard with some sauce on top. This is probably one of the few BBQ Porks I've had in this country that was juicy, flavourful and tastes remotely like what Hong Kong BBQ Pork should.

I highly recommend this!

Definitely give this place a go, and if you do try - let me know what foods you tried and what you liked & didn't like!

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