Himeji Castle's Night Fantasies (Illumination/Event)

It's not very often that the Himeji castle grounds open up at night, so I took this opportunity to visit Himeji Castle during this event created by ATWAS. The last entry day is November 30th, 2019.

There are 10-11 illumination spots all around the inner grounds of Himeji Castle that tell a heroic adventure story in Japanese. Before you enter however, there is a dome installation that looks absolutely gorgeous, and almost similar to the one in Nara's Kingyo Museum.

Each installation are about 10 seconds to about 2 minutes long. You follow a path to watch the story has it unfolds, but you are always free to rewatch a scene at any point. Most installations will replay itself after 5 seconds or so, with one exception.

Unfortunately you cannot enter into the castle building itself, but there are a lot of photo opportunities outside on the grounds.

Please visit the website for more information!

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