[YouTube] Deciphering Japan series

I'm always looking for things on the internet to watch since I moved to Japan and had to endure some really terrible Japanese television programs. Things that Japanese people clearly find amusing, but honestly repetitive and increasing overdramatic. Personally I stopped enjoying Japanese TV programs long ago, and mostly watch youtube or TV shows abroad.

Documentaries are something I quite enjoy watching, especially in between meals. I recently started watching a channel on youtube called CNA Insider. I found a series on Japan called Deciphering Japan, following a half-Japanese reporter, Yumi Araki.

I really recommend it to people who are interested in Japan, and want to learn more about its societal & political problem. Even if you know about it, I think it's still interesting to see what Japanese people think of these problems. It's a really coherent, free, 4-part series. Highly recommended!

Here are the links:

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