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Next Steps for Me...

There are days when I feel freedom, but there are just days where I just feel lost and confused about where to go in my life. With this blog even. Now that I'm out of Japan, I don't really quite know how to proceed. I don't have live updates. And the social media platforms I relied on to get the word out on my writing no longer is helping me get views.

I do think I should write more, but at the same time, there's also a part of me that thinks the writing market is now so saturated.

Right now, I think I will try to write more mini-blogs. I think it will help me feel a bit more restless and at least allow me to do something I enjoy doing without too much pressure to conform to anything. :)

On a lighter note though, I am thoroughly enjoying roll sushi back in Canada.

I truly missed having a good dragon roll!

Hope you're all doing well!

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