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An Announcement

You may have noticed that I had locked my twitter and instagram late this week. If you don't know what happened, just know that someone had reported my online activities as "negative", called me a liar and believe that it conflicts with my work.

It is sad that someone feels that way.

I love Japan. I love photography, and I love photography as an art form. Photography is art, and I will continue to share the beauty of this country to the rest of the world.

However it will no longer be through instagram. Those accounts have since been deleted, and no longer affiliated with this website. If you see any sign of activity of these instagram accounts that might be related to my website, these are all imposters.

Thank you for everyone's continuous support!

Also, please note that this account is no longer owned by humans.

I hope you enjoy our red panda friends introducing Kansai and talking about life in Japan! Please be kind to them!!!!

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