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Happy new year!

For those of you who cannot go to a shrine, here's one from Sanrio Puroland you can pray to:

I just want to take this chance to express myself beyond however many characters twitter allows nowadays in one tweet... I know this blog is still very small, but I still want to thank everyone for stopping by, clicking and reading my horrible writing! I'm no professional writer, but I've always enjoyed having a space of my own to write and share my thoughts. And I'm glad I still can.

This year has been somewhat of an uneventful one for me, which I believe is a blessing of sorts. I know there are many people who weren't so fortunate to even be able to say this, so I sincerely hope 2021 will be a better one!

For me...

2021 means more stress for me, quite honestly.

My contract with my work will be one year closer to the end, and I'm very anxious and clueless as to what comes next for me. I hope the lucky stars will keep me in their thoughts, and I will be able to move on... however, I feel quite doubtful I will be able to continue on the same carefree lifestyle as I do currently, due to financial reasons. I'm working hard now to make sure if there are drastic changes, I can catch my fall... but of course, I am still afraid.

Anyway though!

Thank you once again for your support this past year!! I really appreciate it!

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